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Track 10: DC Grid Technology and Its Operation Optimization

Chair: Qianhao Sun, (Beijing Jiaotong University,Associate Professor)
Co-chair: Fangyuan Si, (Beijing Jiaotong University,Associate Professor)
Co-chair: Xuebo Qiao, (State Key Laboratory of HVDC, CSG Electric Power Research Institute)

With the large-scale integration of renewable energy sources (RESs), such as wind power and photovoltaics, into the power system, coupled with the rapid development of DC loads like electric vehicles and data centers, the number of DC links in the power system is increasing significantly. Against this backdrop, realizing more effective application of DC transmission technology, DC distribution technology and DC microgrid technology has emerged as a pivotal research topic. Therefore, this Track will delve into the latest advancements in DC Grid Technology and its Operation Optimization.

◆ Planning, Modelling and Designing of DC Transmission and Distribution grid
◆ Control, Protection and Measuring for DC Transmission and Distribution grid
◆ MVDC, HVDC and UHVDC Technology and Recent projects
◆ Hybrid HVDC Technology and Recent projects
◆ Optimal Operation and Planning of DC Transmission and Distribution grid
◆ Planning and Operation of AC and DC Microgrid
◆ New AC/DC Converter Technology and DC Technology
◆ DC Transformer Technology