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Track 4: Technologies and Applications of Digital Twin for Developing Smart Energy Systems

Tong Qian, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Luliang Zhang, Wenhu Tang, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou

Abstract—The global energy industry is adapting to the continuous development of the digital era. In this context, accelerating energy transformation has become an industry consensus. However, there are institutional, technological, and market barriers in the energy industry, which pose challenges to energy transformation. Digital twin technology can establish precise connections between the physical and digital worlds, helping to solve the technical challenges faced by the development of smart energy, and supporting precise simulation and control of energy interconnection networks from multiple perspectives. However, the definition and application architecture of digital twin technology in the smart energy industry still need further research, and the application experiments of digital twin technology in energy systems are only in the preliminary verification and exploration stage.

In this session, we focus on sorting out the demand for digital twin technology in the smart energy field and the current research status and trends, exploring the definition and general architecture of digital twin technology in smart energy systems, and analyzing key technologies of digital twin in smart energy systems.

Digital twin modeling and simulation techniques for energy equipment
Digital twin monitoring systems and platform technologies for new energy sites
Digital twin-based intelligent operation and planning techniques for power energy systems
Digital twin-based state analysis and fault diagnosis techniques for energy equipment and systems
Information security technologies for digital twin smart energy systems
Scientific computing and artificial intelligence methods support digital twin smart energy systems
Policy recommendations and management challenges of digital twin smart energy systems