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Track Three

1. Track title-Dispatching Analysis and Control of High Penetration Renewable Energy System

2. Organizer:
Chair: Qian Ma, (Power Dispatching and Control Center of CSG, Professorate senior engineer)
Co-chair: Shuangquan Liu, (Power Dispatching and Control Center of Yunnan Power Grid, Professorate Senior Engineer)
Co-chair: Hongxia Guo, (South China University of Technology,Associate Professor)






Parameter tuning of new energy virtual synchronous generator based on physics-informed reinforcement learning

Jian Qiu, Huanhuan Yang, Jianxin Zhang, Jiemai Gao, Tuo Jiang, Qin Gao, Junquan Chen and Guanghu Xu

Wuhan University


Development and application of on-line analysis and optimal control system for short-circuit current of AC-DC hybrid power network

Huanhuan Yang, Xiaotong Xu, Zhenyu Mao, Jiabin Zhang, Qin Gao and Wang Tu

China Southern Power Grid Company Limited


Extreme scenarios of high percentage of renewable energy connected to the power system : A Review

Hongxia Guo; Lingxuan Chen; Qian Ma; Guilin Zou

School of Electric Power Engineering,  South China University of Technology


Research and application of secondary air adjustment system for energy saving and nitrogen reduction in secondary reheat units

Hong HuLibin Wen

Electric Power Research Institute of Guangxi Power Grid Co.,Ltd


Flexibility Resources Aggregation and Disaggregation Method Considering Renewable Consumption

Quan Yuan, Wei Wang, Ziqiang Wang, Liang Xiao, Chunxiao Liu, Yikai Liu, Xiaoting Chen

CSG Power Dispatching Control Center


A method for improving small-signal stability via optimal allocation on the virtual inertia

Mosi LiuZhiyuan SunMingpo LiKun Zheng

Research Institute of Electric Power Science,Guangxi Power Grid


Addressing Power Supply by Complementary Hydro-Wind-Solar-Gas-Storage Multi-Energy System: The Wenshan Case Study

Jicai Wang

Datang Yunnan Power Generation Co., Ltd